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Interview with Bobby Valentino

Pieces Of Paradise, 6/98

What is the best thing that's ever happened to you on tour?
I met my girlfriend 4 years ago ()

What is the worst thing that's ever happened to you on tour?
An American promoter booked a backing band (on a solo tour) for a 7pm show which was at 3pm

What has been your best concert experience?
Playing with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and of course TMTCH

What has been your worst concert experience?
Probably doing a show with no band in the U.S.A. ()

Where is your favourite place to play?
The 'tough' towns. (Newcastle, Liverpool & Glasgow) on a Saturday night

Where is your least favourite place to play?

Which are your favourite musicians/bands? Do you have any music idols?
I like all forms of music. So - Duke Ellington, Glen Miller, Rebel Johnson, BB King, Ray Charles, Bing Crosby, Joe Vernutti (Jazz violin), The Beatles, The Stones, Grand Master Flash, James Brown, Louis Jordan, Prince, Massive Attack, Take That...

How do you write your songs? Music first then lyrics, or the other way around?
Both. Many times a phrase comes into my head and I sing it with a tune. Sometimes people send me lyrics and I write a tune for them. I often need help finishing the lyrics of songs I start.

Are there any plans for a new album? When will you go into the studio again?
I don't know about 'The Men', but I have a band called "Los Pistoleros".

Are there any unreleased tracks around? How about an outtakes release (maybe via mail order)?
I'm sure that there are

How about releasing an album with a collection of B-sides?
How about it

Is there any way to re-release the good old Silvertone albums (most of them are out of print)?
I don't know

Why did you split up after The Domino Club?
Beats me

Why did Jon leave the band?
I don't know

What happened to Nick?
He was playing with Gary Glitter for a while. I have not seen him for a couple of years

What's happening with the Rawhides? Are there any plans for starting them up again?
I think they got old, fat & bald

What are your favourite sports/hobbies/pastimes?
Indoor sports! Music & Movies

Do you all live in London?
I do

Are any of you married?
I'm engaged to be living in sin

What do you do when you're on the plane/bus travelling to different gigs (other than sleeping)?
Read. Used to play 'Scrabble'

Which is your favourite TMTCH song & why?
'Shirt of Blue' . It's great to play and is the only song about the 1984/85 miners strike I have ever heard - that's any good

Which is your favourite TMTCH album & why?
The 1st one - I'm not on it

Do any of you have children?
I don't think I do

Is there anything you'd like to say to all your TMTCH fans worldwide?
Thank you


The New Kid On The Block - Bobby Valentino

Words By: Nia B Dammit

Can we say that 2005 is the year for R&B? Numerous artists are dropping their projects and one in particular is truly a gust of fresh air. Introducing the first R&B artist off the Disturbing The Peace (DTP) imprint, Atlanta native Bobby Valentino. With his latest single “Slow Down” he has caught the attention and created an impressive buzz nationwide.

No stranger to the music industry, this 23 year old got his start with the group Mista, who had the hit song “Blackberry Molasses” back in the mid 90’s. A recent graduate of Clark Atlanta University, Bobby Valentino has crept his way back on the music scene, but this time on the solo tip. In anticipation of his first solo album Give Me A Chance, due out April 26, Bobby took some time to elaborate on a few topics with UrbanWorld Wireless.

Being signed to a label that’s dominated by Hip-Hop artist
“It feels good because I’m the only R&B male so a lot of time and effort is spent on me trying to get my career moving.”

What’s attracted his fanbase
“I think it’s just me being me and loving music. I think a lot R&B artists aren’t being themselves today; a lot of them are going into the studio and singing something that somebody else wrote. On my album I got a chance to be myself and write on every song and tell the producers what kind of songs I wanted to do. I feel like people love and respect you when you just make good music and are different. A lot of people go to the hot producer at the time to make a hit record, but me; I want to make records for longevity purposes not just for the moment.”

The inspiration behind his lyrics
“It depends on the mood or the moment. Like my first single, I became inspired because I was actually riding down Melrose and saw a pretty young lady that I wanted to slow down, so once we went to the studio we came up that whole concept from that experience. If I just met a girl and she was doing me wrong I might go and write a song about that. It just depends on the moment; it depends on how I’m feeling at the time.”

His name – Bobby Valentino
“I feel like I’m the suave and debonair type of guy, so I feel like Valentino is me. I was actually supposed to born on Valentine’s Day, but I wasn’t and got nicknamed Valentino, so I just threw it on there.”

The Group Mista
“Being in a group is kind of hard. It was a big learning experience and I am happy it happened. It was actually fun but I didn’t realize that it was a business then. It helped me be the person that I am today. I still talk to the members from the group and we’re still cool. I’m getting my second chance now though.”

His Album
“I only have one collaboration on my album and it’s with Ludacris. Producers Tim and Bob produced most of the album. I really took my time with it. We worked on it for about a year and a half to make sure it was extra extra hot.”

Naming His Album “Give Me A Chance”
“I’m pretty much getting a second chance to do my music. I just want the world to give me a chance, and I’ll guarantee to give them music that they’ll love. I’m just happy to be here, it’s a blessing.”

Biggest Purchase So Far
“I recently purchased a sports car, an Infiniti G35. It’s just a little something to get around town in.”

The Future
“There are a lot of things that I want to do outside of just doing music, but right now I’m just focusing on my album and making sure that people understand where I’m coming from.”

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